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Open Face Steak Sandwich with Seasonal Peppers

A nicely priced steak or roast is wonderful for steak sandwiches! You don’t have to have the best cut or the most leanest of meats, you just have to give it a nice dry rub, broil and slice on the bias. Add some wonderful summer veggies, a few onions and some melted cheese and KAPOW! A steak sandwich nobody can match!

Open Face Steak Sandwich:

2 lb roast or flank steak – $5.98
1 loaf fresh french bread (deli section) – $1.49
1 white onion, sliced – $.20
1 red pepper, sliced – $.88
1 green pepper, sliced – $.50
1/2 cup Cheddar cheese, shredded – $.50
2 Tbsp Season Salt – pantry
2 Tbsp Paprika – pantry
2 tsp fresh ground pepper – pantry
1/2 tsp salt – pantry
1 Tbsp Olive oil – pantry

COST: $9.55

Using season salt, paprika and 1 1/2 tsp pepper, dry rub steak or roast. On a very hot BBQ or an oven set to high broil, cook steak or roast till crisp on the outside and medium rare on the inside, When cooking is complete, let stand while you prepare peppers. Make sure to set BBQ or oven to broil or medium high heat as the prepared sandwiches will return for toasting.

In a medium hot fry pan, add oil, toss in sliced peppers and onions and saute for 3-4 mins. Make sure to salt and pepper as you cook. Once peppers are cooked, but still slightly firm and browned, remove from heat and prepare bread for sandwich.

I like to cut the loaf in half and then slice. So you have 2 large sandwiches that you will later cut in two’s to make 4 very nice size steak sandwiches.

Rub your olive oil on the outside of your bread, then place meat on one side and peppers and onions on the other. Sprinkle with cheese and place in the oven on broil or 450 for 3-4 mins. Watch carefully!!!

Once cheese is melted, you can fold over and broil again, if you like your bread toasted. Again, watch to make sure it doesn’t burn. I burned ours. Very sad. Thankfully, the pictures don’t show that part. But we still ate it. And it was still yummy!

Anyway, after you’re satisfied with doneness, remove sandwich, slice and serve hot with chips, mac salad or whatever you choose. For us, the sandwich was perfect all by itself. I think we had some chips, but really, it’s all about the sandwich, so the chips were forgotten. Oh, if you have some spicy mustard or horseradish, bust it out! That was the perfect compliment to the already perfect steak sandwich.


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