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Angry Bird Cake view 2So, how many of you are addicted to Angry Birds? Such a simple concept, isn’t it? I mean, anyone from 2 to 102 can play it. And everyone who plays it, can’t seem to put it down, right?

Well, that brings us to our daughter, M. At the age of 2, she routinely kept herself busy (no other choice) with an iPhone or iPad at her older sister’s soccer games. Of course, we installed a ton of apps that were age appropriate and she loved going from game to game. But then, she found Angry Birds (it wasn’t in her game section, by the way, but she found it) and the love affair began. It became her “go to” game. And the blue bird became her favorite bird. So, when her 3rd birthday came near, it was really a no brainer. ANGRY BIRDS! The perfect theme for the perfect party with a fun and functional cake. Huge hit with everyone, young and old. Just like the game!

Happy 3rd birthday, M!
You make us smile in every way and light up each and every day.
We love you so. Mom, Dad and PJ

Special thanks to our inspiration at instructables.com. Their playable cake is where this idea even began. We modified quite a bit, but still used their concept. Our cake used standard confetti cake as the base, double fudge brownies as the 2nd tier and chocolate covered wafers for the structure. Sugar cubes were used as the ice blocks and brownie rolled into balls for the rocks/boulders. The grass should have been green, but M specifically wanted blue. Birthday girl chooses, right?

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Island Tiki Hut Cake

I know I haven’t blogged much lately, but that’s because April is a crazy, crazy month. We’ve done everything from vacation, run a 5K race, celebrate Easter and, of course, throw an awesome birthday party for our super awesome daughter.

The “Around the World” Party was quite the undertaking, but very, very fun. My husband and I took our daughter and 9 of her friends on a trip around the world (via our airplane garage). Starting first in Japan, then on to India, Italy and finally Fiji.¬†With the last stop in Fiji, we had to have a Tiki Hut cake, right? And this is it!! Fully edible, including chocolate seashells and seahorses as well as pretzel palm trees and licorice thatching. Even the tiki hut itself was edible!

Very fun party and very fun cake. Just one trick, should you ever decide to make a tiki hut cake for yourself. Make sure you mold the hut from a pound cake. Regular cake will fall right apart. Works perfect and tastes WONDERFUL! Everyone loves pound cake!

Happy 9th Birthday, PJ. And thanks for helping with the Tiki hut. You did a great job on the pretzel walls.¬†Mommy loves you and is so very proud. I couldn’t ask for a smarter, funnier, more beautiful daughter. Mwah!

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